Rich Mountain Road

Have you ever wondered what you would find on Rich Mountain Road?

For those of you who have traveled through Cades Cove, you have likely seen the Rich Mountain Road sign, across from the Cades Cove Missionary Baptist Church. This is not a paved road like Cades Cove. Rich Mountain Road is a one-way, 7 mile dirt and gravel road. It is rustic, prone to being washed out, and closed during winter. However, it also provides some of the most spectacular views you will see in the Smoky Mountains.

One of the most photographed scenes from Rich Mountain Road is a small Baptist Church that you can see in the valley from the top of the mountain. During the fall it is gorgeous.  

Rich Mountain Road will provide a welcome respite from the traffic jams of Cades Cove. The one thing you will notice is the silence. All you will hear is the sound of nature all around you.

You may encounter wildlife along the way – bear, deer, or chipmunks are all likely to be seen. You will cross mountain streams and catch glimpses of waterfalls.

So the next time you want to break free of a traffic jam in Cades Cove, or you just want a little peace and solitude, give Rich Mountain Road a try.

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